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The Number #1 Must Have For Remote Working

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working remotely successfully

The Key To Working Remotely Successfully

Life is changing beneath our very feet, and for those of us leading our teams into the realm of remote work it can be very daunting.

How can we work remotely successfully?

Will our people have the tools/technology to do their jobs?

How do we know if people are doing their job?

After over 10+ years of working remotely, there is one critical ‘must have’ that stands out and trumps the best technology, strategic plans and protocols – great relationships.

Relationships are an organization’s most valuable currency, and nothing tests it value more than working remotely.

A true team (a bonded group of individuals working interdependently towards a shared goal), will find a way to move forward and get the work done. When technology fails, they’ll find a work around.  When the systems or processes come up short, they’ll build bridges and make it work.  When ‘their’ work runs out they will proactively find somewhere to contribute positively, and when they lose motivation they will check-in with their colleagues and draw on the energy of their support network. These are the actions of people who are in it together. They care about collective goals and they care about continuing to be a valued team member.

The uncomfortable nature of working remotely is that we’re flying on the wings of trust.

How do you build trust?

The biggest hurdle in building trust, is that you must address the biggest illusion about trust; Trust is not a standalone trait such that we should ask ‘how do I build trust?’   It’s like asking how do I build a roof to keep warm, when you should be asking how do I build the house? The real value of trust lies within the bounds of a relationship. You must recognize trust in the greater construct of a relationship in order to effectively build it. Without the other key relational elements, trust has little or no value.

The questions every leader should be asking themselves to be remote ready are; ‘Do we have the relationships necessary to support working remotely?’ and ‘How do we build the relationships we need?’

Workplace Social Health

The connectivity and social health of your workplace has a significant impact on the success of a remote workforce.

With 68% of workers around the world working remotely at least once a month, a hybrid of working remotely and in-house is the future of work.  For those working remotely, they are 24% more likely to feel happy and be productive in their roles.

Getting Started

Once you’ve assessed and put in place a plan for your organization’s social health, here are 3 of the best resources on the net to help you work remotely successfully;

#1 – Jason Fried, Founder of Basecamp and author of “REMOTE: Office Not Required” is a veteran of working remotely.

#2 – A quick guide to the top things to expect/consider when going remote –

#3 – 27 Tools To Work Remotely is a really good source of technology to support teams going remote.

#4 – Social Health Assessment – A FREE 2 minute tool to evaluate the social health of your team or organization.

The quality of the work will never exceed the quality of the team.

Good luck!

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